NASIOL, is the world's leading producer of automotive surface protection solutions, using the latest developments in nanotechnology. Nasiol's specially formulated products are widely used in the automotive industry and are widely sold in over 145 countries, with 50 exclusive partners and over 500 dealers. Nasiol products are distributed globally through centers located in the Czech Republic, USA and Turkey, R&D Center and Headquarters.

Even having the most expensive products on the market in some countries, the brand was not perceived as Premium. Our job was to build a rebrand involving global brand positioning, visual identity and labels that could place Nasiol as a Premium brand in its market segment.

Brand Repositioning, Visual Identity, Packaging Design, Media

Creative Leaders: Raphael Iglesias, Léo Tavares
Copywriter: Aldenis Rodrigues
3D Design: Vitor Notário
Motion Graphics: Débora Linhares​​​​​​​

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